Our Story


Retired Federal Employees helping Federal Employees retire.


In 2007 the concept was first proposed in a small coffee shop in a small town out west that the best people to help federal employees retire were those people who actually retired.  They could share their success and their failures by helping teach and explain their fears and frustrations as they completed the process.  In the end, each individual would share, educate and help provide assistance with personalized retirement education.


Each person is different, each family is unique and every solution requires a different path of implementation. While, many have ideas of how they want retirement to look, most do not know how to implement conservative solutions.  We provide a convenient educational approach that will help you understand your options and achieve your plan.

The more educational services we provided, the more clearly we understood the need for personalized implementation of strategies to improve success.  As one “seasoned” retiree put it, “you cannot learn to swim by attending a workshop.  At some point, you need to get wet.”


Sounded good to us!  At that point, we realized that education without implementation provides little value.  So, we began to look for skilled professionals who could not only help teach, but could also help implement plans and strategies to support our education.  Finally, the idea of a single source of approved experts who would implement your personalized strategies was born.


Now, through affiliates and partners, we can bring you guidance on human resources, Federal benefits, Medicare, insurance, taxes, estate planning, retirement cash flow and more.


Our team includes retired Federal Employees with the objective to provide the best retirement education and solutions possible so you can make great decisions for your next chapter - however you choose to write it.



Our Philosophy


Our commitment to provide each guest with superior non sales driven educational content, delivered with friendly service that consistently exceeds expectations continues to be our guiding philosophy.   Each educator and service professional lives by the following credos:


Credo #1

We will earn your trust by creating an environment you can feel comfortable and relaxed.  You can suggest anything with the utmost confidentiality, and never worry about sales agenda.


Credo #2

We believe in great value, great service and lots of it.


Credo #3

We will provide professional retirement education we would recommend to our mothers, fathers, children and friends.


Credo #4

We will deliver personalized guidance delivered just as you requested for your personal needs.


Credo #5

The best solutions and input comes directly from you.  Please tell us when you have extraordinary experience or even when you are not happy.  We want to hear from you to improve so we can help even more of your friends that you direct our way.


Each of us thanks you for your business.  We appreciate each and every one of you, and want your retirement to exceed your dreams.  Please accept our gratitude for your continued support and your kind referrals.


Thank you!