How we are Different



More Education.  More Solutions.  More Options.  More Success for You!


We are totally unique in how we deliver our services because our classes are delivered by experts in their fields who either used to work in Federal Service and/or by our affiliates from the private sector who specialize in tax, estate planning, health care, insurance and retirement cash flow.


So, when you have questions about a VERA, RIF, Retirement or other matters our team can help you with the answers. 

We are as committed to your success as you are.

At FedHub we understand every single person has a different idea of their journey.  We can't wait to help you and join you along the way.


Coaching and Support

Talk to real people and get the help you need.


Online and Local Education

Stay up to date with FREE seminars delivered right to you by experts


Award Winning Solution Providers

More than just education.  Find a trusted partner to help you implement successful solutions for your plan.


Extras when you want them

Talk to people who have walked in your shoes.  Use our tools, forms and guides to help improve your results.