Easy to understand + Great Subjects = Real Results for YOU


Our award winning team of instructors provides classes, workshops and your personal review.  Most of our education is delivered through an interactive and easy to understand format that typically only lasts for a few hours.


Our topics include some of the following:

Pre-Retirement Planning - Understand the two most important rules of money and how to avoid the 3 common traps of retirement.


Post Retirement Planning – Understand the four most important documents you need on file, how to structure    health insurance and how to create flexibility with your income.


Women’s Only Workshops - Understand matters that affect you most as head of household or as a primary decision  maker at home.


Surviving a RIF or Downsizing - Understand your options, make sure your finances and insurances are protected upon your departure.


Surviving a VERA - Estimate the impact and make sure you know you can afford to retire.


Assorted Classes of General Finance - From the basics of budgeting to good debt vs bad debt, we have a class for you.


Each of these classes are designed to be easy to understand, fun and highly effective for each participant.


Don’t have time for a half day workshop?

No problem.  Try our FREE webinars designed to give you easy to understand topics to fit your limited time.


Missed one of our workshops and need help now?

No problem, just give us a call or send us an email request.  Our team of retired Federal Employees and our expert affiliates will be available to help you with the answers you need.


Already retired or separated from service?

No problem, even though you are retired or separated, we can still help.  There are many topics affecting your retirement once you are no longer working for the federal government.  We can still show many of you how to increase your income, lower expenses and not outlive your money.  Just give us a call or send us an email request.